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Big Challenge Initiative hands over donations to KON

The fourth annual fundraising campaign of the "Big Challenge" association, which brings together farmers in the fight against cancer, was held for the first time as a nationwide rally. The fundraiser brought in around 17,500 euros.

Further information about the Big Challenge Initiative (in German)

Third KON Symposium "Tumor immunology – therapeutic concepts & challenges" on the 26.04.2019 in Kiel

On Friday, April 26, 2019, around 80 cancer researchers from all over Germany met at the 3rd Kiel Oncology Network Symposium at the Kiel Science Center. The topic of the event was tumor immunology and the associated opportunities and challenges for future immune therapies. At the core of this sub-area of oncology is the research of immunological processes involved in resisting  cancer cells.

Press Release about the third Kiel Oncology Network Symposium (in German)